‘Commonplace’ and ‘Unfolding Landscapes’  investigates our relationship to a landscape which is constantly changing according to our urban and industrial needs. The term ‘Common’ in English means to ‘belong equally to’ or ‘shared equally,  denoting areas of land used historically for grazing, catching wild game and gathering plants.)

This haunted land full of “the shadows of marks made by man in the earth”, of “reflections in water and flooded fields”, of “gardens and seasons changing”, is one that is often missed by the passer-by and artist alike, but it is a rich and rewarding place as Cas has shown in her work. It is an inspirational well of harmony and balance, as well as of conflict and division. Something shared and something complimentary, as she says herself “We have an intimate relationship with the land, but equally share ‘common connection’.

John Hopper, The Edgelands of Cas Holmes, Fiber Art Now 2014, (also used by kind permission of the Author and Fiber Arts Now for the introduction to Stitch Stories.

Published by Cas Holmes

Cas Holmes is an artist, teacher and author living in the U.K..Her work processes are reflected in her books. The most recent are Embroidering the Everyday and 'Textiles Landscape'. Found materials are torn, cut and layered, connecting drawing, paint and image. Her interest is in the 'hidden' or often overlooked parts of nature, landscape and towns. Working with 'stitch sketching', she seeks to capture a moment or thing before it is gone. I produce artworks for public and private spaces and enjoy working on collaborations with galleries and the community. See more at